Business Intelligence

BI LogoRidgian is a Business Intelligence specialist with a proven track record of delivering enterprise scale solutions predominately in the Financial, Government and NHS sectors.

Our journey along the rapidly changing road in the field of BI has taken us from the development of bespoke reporting solutions to using the latest Microsoft BI technologies, our knowledge and experience in this area is second to none.
Delivering a BI Reporting solution is only half of the battle, the challenge is in extracting accurate data and turning it into information that will enable informed and focused business decisions to be made.
Ridgian has a solid skill base in the area of Management Information Reporting, Business Intelligence and Analysis. Working with SQL Server as the core technology with Analysis and Reporting Services, we are able to produce enterprise wide BI Reporting solutions for a fraction of the cost of competitive products such as Cognos and Business Objects.
Business Intelligence Dashboards
Get a holistic view of performance against company KPIs to show where issues are occuring and then drill-down into the detail to find the root cause.

Solution Overview

Microsoft BI Platform
  • SQL Server
  • SQL Server Analysis, Reporting and Integration Services
  • Performance Point and PowerPivot
  • Bing Mapping and Visual Fusion 
  • SharePoint including Excel PowerPivot / Visio Services
Areas of Expertise
  • Financial
  • Sales, Service and Operational
  • Goals, Forecasting and Planning
  • Resource Capacity Planning
  • HR and Human Capital Management
  • NHS (PBC, SUS, etc.)
  • Professional Services and Project Effectiveness
  • Energy Analysis and CRC Reporting


BI Partner Feature

Visual Enterprise Mashups - Gain New Insight
IDV Solutions
Visual Fusion empowers information workers and decision makers by
letting them view disparate enterprise and cloud data holistically within
a web portal.

Visual Fusion 5 is Ridgian's chosen platform for Microsoft Bing Maps integration and compliments our other Microsoft platform choices such
as SQL Server, MOSS and BI. It has won critical acclaim for benefiting organisations in three key areas.
  • Time to deployment for your mission critical app is measured in days or
    weeks, not months or years.
  • World-class user experience means anyone can use it, and everyone
    enjoys it.
  • The deepest SharePoint integration in the market makes implementation
    and adoption a snap.

Professional Services Dashboard Solution

Screenshot It is of paramount important for any business to be able to focus on its Sales, Operational and Financial performance. For Professional Services project based organisations, understanding how a project is performing is key to profit or loss, in fact we use this solution ourselves here at Ridgian to ensure our projects are delivered effectively.
By implementing the Dashboard solution your company could manage any issues by exception and have real time insights into:
  • Top level view of financial and non-financial Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and business metrics
  • What kind of projects are upcoming and do we have the appropriate resource available to cope with demand
  • Which Projects are performing well and which are badly, then drill into the detail to find out why
  • Draw on historic performance to guide decision making
  • Why a project is overrunning and who has contributed to this
  • Predict in advance which projects may overrun and address the root cause now


Ridgian have the skills and expertise to deliver a fully integrated BI solution such as this, from extracting and incorporating data from multiple points in your organisation such as CRM, Time Management, Finance, etc and delivering the interpretation and analytical skills required to realise the commercial benefits that a fully integrated BI solution can bring.
Ridgian's Professional Services Dashboards
Track Company, Customer and Project performance with our fully integrated Business Intelligence Dashboards. Get full visibility of project progress, performance and profitibility as well as track and manage future demand and resource optimisation.