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Ridgian awarded Microsoft Competency

Ridgian are delighted to announce that we have attained the Microsoft Partner Competency in Cloud Platform.

Our latest Cloud Platform Competency award demonstrates Ridgian’s ongoing commitment to delivering innovation and value across the solutions we deploy for our customers.
Cloud technologies are fast becoming integral to the way in which businesses deliver information to users. In the era of applications, devices, and big data, cloud allows us to leverage these technologies to our customers’ demands for information anywhere, anytime, any device. Cloud services also significantly reduce the costs involved in the development and management of solutions, freeing IT resources from maintenance and infrastructure burdens.
We believe that solutions and applications are individual to the customer and their unique business needs and therefore should be designed, implemented and deployed utilising the most appropriate platform, moving away from a ‘one size fits all’ approach. Our experience in developing hybrid solutions allows us to identify the best solution for our customer based upon their requirements to ensure optimum performance in the most appropriate environment.
Our cloud portfolio covers a wide range of services such application hosting, development and testing and online collaboration solutions. For more information, or to discuss a specific requirement please get in touch.

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