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Ridgian and Point8020 partner

We are committed to ensuring that our customers are able to get the most from the solutions we develop. We want to provide you with the tools that facilitate great adoption levels and maximum impact for your business. In order to achieve this, effective and ongoing training is a must, but we typically found that training options available are often inflexible, with a “one size fits all” approach; inconvenient, classroom based and costly.

To overcome this, we have partnered with an innovative training specialist, Point8020 to enable us to deliver on-demand SharePoint training solutions. The solution allows users to derive full value from their existing or new investment in the SharePoint Platform via easy to digest, accessible and ongoing training tools which put the user in control of their SharePoint learning.
Together, we can offer tailored SharePoint training tools which implement ‘Just-in-Time Learning’ for your users. The training tools can be embedded into your SharePoint solution, providing context-sensitive, on-demand, bite-size videos that show your users how to complete tasks and processes. If appropriate we can also produce a standalone version for quick and easy access from mobile devices and tables for users that may be remotely working. Furthermore, you can customise the content so that it meets your specific needs, such as adding your own training material internally or from providers such as YouTube, targeting it to end users, and analysing results.
Point 8020 also offer training solutions for Office 365, Dynamics CRM and have also recently launch Showme for PowerBI. We’re yet to come across a training solution that offers such rich content, value and flexibility and are extremely excited about what the future holds for this partnership.
Watch this space for upcoming customer stories and further updates on the partnership. For more information or to enquire about the solution please visit our Dedicated Training Webpage.

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