Why work with us? 

Our way of working is customer focused. We add value wherever possible to improve the working relationship, delivery and value for money, but agility is key to our success. One of the major reasons our Customers choose to work with us is our long history and pedigree in delivering SharePoint, Business Intelligence and Custom Development projects on the Microsoft platform.

We understand how to make this work and
you can trust us!

The depth and breadth of our expertise differentiates us from our competition as we concentrate purely around your data and information. We add value beyond other technology companies that specialise in a single competency. For example, our ability to understand how platforms such as SharePoint, Business Intelligence, SQL Server, Active Directory and Bing Maps, etc interact together as well as operate independently provides enormous value to complex Enterprise solutions.
We Integrate disparate systems so that data can be extracted from silos and fed into a Data Warehouse. This data can then be transformed into a format that is best for making immediate and valuable business decisions, turning data into powerful information. Known as Business Intelligence, this platform will enable analysis and proactive decisions to be made, questions to be asked and trends to be identified and monitored. Results can be delivered via a simple web browser, via a SharePoint portal, in Bing Maps, or to a mobile device, real-time or on-demand.
Equally, when you wish to obtain information from your Customers or Partners from a website or Custom Application or internal staff from your portal, we can capture, validate, provide workflow and then move the relevant information to each of your appropriate target systems - Customer information to your CRM, financial information to your Accounts, shipping information to your dispatch. Information is key to empowering any business to make the right decisions and in responding to the market demand. Enabling you to achieve this is our core skill. 
As a Company, we started our life as a pure Custom Development software house and over time we have also specialised in Business Intelligence and SharePoint. We built Management Information (MI) solutions before the main stream Business Intelligence solutions were available so we have an in-depth understanding of data and analytics principles. As SharePoint is principally built on .NET and SQL Server, we are able to understand what goes on 'behind the scenes', handy for those times when standard functionality doesn't quite fit.
Microsoft have awarded us Gold Partner status for the past 5 years and Certified Partner status for 5 years prior to that. We have worked with Microsoft since 2000 and are proud to say that Microsoft has awarded us with 5 competencies/areas of specialisation.
By working with us we can help you achieve the following:
  • Focus on business value and your return on investment (ROI)
  • Improve service levels
  • Increase organisational agility
  • Ensure IT investments can always be aligned to the business
  • Prioritise IT investments by articulating in business not technical language

What kind of work have we delivered?

Our diverse Customer base enables us to increase both the velocity of projects and also the likelihood of successful delivery, examples include:


Client engagements to date have taken many shapes and sizes and include:
  • We have delivered numerous Custom build applications based on .NET and SQL Server for one of the world's largest banks. This has enabled us to work with
    one of Europe's largest Data Warehouses
  • We have built and deployed one of the UK's largest Public Sector Data Warehouse and Analytics solutions for the NHS. The solution summarises and manages over £3bn of annual spend and leverages SQL Server and SharePoint as the key components of the platform
  • Market leading visualisation solution used in the UK Public Sector to analyse trends of antisocial behaviour, crime, etc. into a single Community Intelligence Hub (Portal)
  • Helping the UK's leader in Carbon Emissions Management to recommend carbon saving initiatives to UK business by delivering custom applications to capture
    and manage survery information whilst delivering Insight and Analytics to
    central Government
  • On-site and off-site working
  • Fixed priced project deliverables and on-going T&M billing
  • Outsourcing and co-sourcing
  • Projects based on our technology, a Clients technology or something new
  • Traditional project management approach or agile and interactive